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This is one of the difficulties faced by most guys. It is cool to walk up to a girl and start a conversation with the girl especially if she gives a listening ear. But the problem most of the time is having the girl to leave you with her phone number.

She knows with the phone number, you can always get to contact her after the first discussion. I call it continuity of discussion. So many guys do not actually know the easy ways to get a girl’s phone number.

In this post, I will be highlighting 6 top secret to get a girl’s phone number and also how to keep the friendship or relationship a working one.

As a guy, how you go about accomplishing the task of asking a girl for her phone number matters a lot. If you do not do it well, you might end up not getting her phone number. Mind you most of the times you try getting a girl’s phone number and it never worked does not mean you did not play your part well.



All girls are not the same. So many respond differently on first contact. All you just have to do, is to play your part well and see how things will begin to work smoothly for you.

In a lot of scenarios it is necessary to get a girls number to set up a date. When you first approach a woman you can usually tell if she is busy, or isn’t open to spending more time with you in that moment. In that case you can get the phone number. How you go about doing this is an important part of the process and we will look at all the details.

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6 Easy Ways to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

There are some questions that comes to the mind before even trying to approach a girl for her phone. You need to ask yourself the following questions before you proceed with your plans.

1. Why Get A Girl’s Number?

Getting the phone number is a way to tell if the girl is interested in you. In a way, it can be your way of telling her that you are interested in her. Whether you use the number or not is not important. It is the intent shown by getting the number that is important.
It shows you are interested in her romantically and not just wanting to let the conversation end. If the girl gives you the number without telling you she is married or has a boyfriend, then she is interested in you at that moment.
The minute you hear “I’m married”, or “I have a boyfriend”, then its game over and its time to move onto the next girl.
2. Does getting her number looks that difficult?
You can actually answer this question yourself, especially if you have approached some girls and actually asked them for their numbers. I was once in this shoe. I have always asked myself why women are so difficult especially when it comes to getting their numbers.
It got to a point, I realized there are some techniques you can actually use to get a girl’s phone number with ease. I mean without stressing yourself.
Getting a girl’s number be simple, quick, and easy. It shouldn’t be as intense as disarming a bomb. Just follow the steps that will be highlighted below as regards the 5 easy ways to get a girl’s phone number.

6 Easy Ways to Get a Girl’s Phone Number

1. Simply walk straight to Her Without Asking for her phone number

This might sound funny but it is true. When you actually ask a girl for her phone number, she senses something which you might be oblivious of. Did you know that “asking” for permission or asking “is it ok?” questions doesn’t cause her to see you as more attractive and it can actually do the opposite – it can kill the attraction.

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When you actually task a girl or a lady “can I or Is it ok to have your number?” you are actually making her to have an authority over you at that particular moment. This boils down to making her have control over the situation and also make whatever decision she takes stand.

Asking that question “Can I?” or “Is it ok?” makes her unconsciously senses and “knows” that you’re the type of guy who needs permission. Let me explain how this actually works with the ladies.

She senses that there’s a good chance you’re desperately afraid of losing or not getting her approval. So many ladies are not naturally and wired to be attracted to such questions. Asking a girl for her phone number makes her the judge or the master at that particular point in time. You have just placed the ball in her court.

This actually makes her have control of the situation and gives her the upper hand, while you will just be there waiting for an answer in a submissive position. You have just given your power to her and she can decide whatever she wants to do with the authority.


She might decide to turn you down without giving a second thought. This is actually because you gave her the power to do anything she wants to do at her will.

Now because of the power you have given to her, she can easily tell you “NO.” An advice that goes along with this is, never give a girl the chance to use your power over you by asking for her phone number.

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Keep it for yourself by not seeking permission and not “asking” for her phone number by using “can I?” or “is it ok?” stuff.

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