Ladies: 30 Things You Must Never Say to Him if You Cherish Your Relationship

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So many ladies do not actually know the words of the mouth has a lot to do on their relationships. there are certain things that should not be said as a lady especially to your man if you truly cherish your relationship.

In this article, we will be looking at the 30 things you must never say to him if you cherish your relationship as a lady. Before we continue, let us look at some explanations about men and women.


Men and women are genuinely two different peas in the same pod. Women are complex, men are simple. Women are emotional, men are rational. The difference between the genders is what makes the world go around. A man doesn’t want a woman that acts manly, and a woman doesn’t want a man that is softer than a Tempur-Pedic. Together, they are the perfect balance—the ying to the yang, the peanut butter to the jelly.


The gender contrast, however, does bring about challenges and dilemmas. Women and men clash all of the time. As a result, one gender usually gets upset that the other gender doesn’t think or behave the same way they do. But that’s never gonna happen! Women are not men, men are not women, therefore a man is not going to see things like a woman does and vice versa. What the two must do is meet somewhere in the middle. One place to start is learning how to communicate with one another. With that said, let’s begin with 15 things you should never EVER say to him.

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Ladies: 30 Things You Must Never Say to Him if You Cherish Your Relationship

30. “You Don’t Spend Enough Time With Me.”

The two of you just started dating. Don’t expect to spend every waking minute with your new man. He’s still going to want to do his own thing and you should feel the same way. You had a life before you met this guy so enjoy it.

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