Top 20 Signs You are Wasting Your Time on Him – Never Ignore #18

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Did you know that so many relationship these days are just in pretense? Top 20 signs you are wasting your time on him is a powerful article you must never ignore. It will show you and let you know some of the signs you need to look out for on your guy, to really know if you are wasting your time on him.

Let’s face it, men can captivate us with a dazzling smile or a flirtatious wink, but how do you know whether or not you’re wasting your time on him?

Have no fear ladies, I’m here to share the signs that you’re down right just wasting your time on him.

Love is a beautiful thing. It comes in, washes over you, clouds your judgment…and gives you happiness. It can build over time, but it can also degrade if you aren’t careful. Stoking the fires is half the battle, the other half being far more complicated: accepting that your partner’s feelings are out of your hands. You can’t do much more than be yourself, and finding someone who will love you for the rest of your life isn’t as easy as you might expect.

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Perhaps that is why we stay in terrible relationships: while our hearts fall out of love, our minds continue to chant the things we need to “hear” in order to keep trying. Quickly, though, you may find yourself blowing ashes around, rather than caring for a fire. It isn’t fair to you or your partner to be together out of comfort and familiarity.

At some point, the levee breaks, and you find yourself alone–really alone—and realizing that has been the case for a long time, even while in the relationship.

To avoid this pain, it is best to face the truth of your situation sooner rather than later. Don’t wake up six years later, only to regret the time wasted. Be honest as you run through the list, and pinpoint whether your partner, or even you, meet these characteristics.

Top 20 Signs You are Wasting Your Time on Him – Never Ignore #18

1. You Haven’t Met Any of His Friends

If a guy is interested in a relationship with you, he will want to introduce you to his friends. He needs to know that you will get along with them and that they approve of you.

If you haven’t met any of his friends, it’s likely he’s not serious about keeping you around long term. Please feel free to add your own point at the end of the post.

2. You Haven’t Been Asked out on a Date Yet

The biggest sign that you’re wasting your time on him is if you have not even been asked out on a date yet. If you just met the guy a few days ago, give it some time, obviously.

3. You Find out He’s Still Hanging with His Ex

It’s healthy to be cordial with ex’s, but staying in touch with them, hanging out with them, buying presents for them, and spending important holidays with them…well, that’s another flag right there.

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The guy I was getting to know better did all the above, and worse, he posted pictures on social media NOT KNOWING that I knew that was his ex.

4. You Don’t Feel Wanted by Him

Before finding out he was “catching up” with his ex and “just hanging out”, I had already experienced signs of not feeling wanted by him.

It seemed like every time I expressed my quirky, bubbly, fun side (that I’m really proud of because it defines who I am) I just felt like he smiled and brushed it off, like he didn’t really care about me for me.

5. You Feel like You Can’t Be Yourself around Him

Piggy-backing on the last point, I just felt like I couldn’t even be myself around him. My gut feeling was telling me not to open up to him, not to be myself around him, and not to let him

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of being with someone, which is why most women ignore these signs and keep pursuing their crush. The less I felt like I could be myself around him, the more encouraged I was to leave him in the dust.

6. You Question His Every Move

Jealousy is an ugly feeling, my dear, an ugly feeling. If there are surges of anger bottled up inside you because you feel that you can’t trust him or that you’re questioning his every move, stop wasting your time on that man, because your health and sanity is worth more than feeling stuck in a relationship of questioning and doubt and insecurity.

Your man should make you feel loved and wanted and special and you should feel respect and trust towards him.

7. You Don’t Feel like a Priority

Not every relationship is perfect, I get that and I know that. But when you’re with someone who really cares about you and who really wants to get to know you better, he’s going to put a lot of effort in making sure that you’re feeling like a priority.

Think about the one guy who you’re so not into (either because you think of him as a brother, or a creep) but who is completely infatuated with you.

He tries hard to make you priority, doesn’t he? It might annoy you or push you further away from him, but he’s trying. Why should it be any different with the guy who you like who actually likes you back?

Think about it.

8. You Are Always Initiating Things

Hands down if you’re finding yourself being the one to ask him out on a date or asking him to meet you at the movies or asking him to be your gym partner, then he’s not worth your time.

Again, it goes back to what I said about a one-way street.

9. Your partner is comfortable with routines.

When you ask to change things up, like maybe go out to eat rather than stay in for the millionth time, they may grunt or protest. When you suggest something new in bed, they may take it personally. In essence, things tend to be the same on a daily basis—with no room allotted for change.

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10. Your relationship is stale, and it is always up to you to plan dates and activities.

Not surprisingly, after reading number one, things get stale really quick. You might know what to expect, and even consider it a comfort zone at first, until things just…grow dull. If you want romance, you have to plan for it yourself, and even when you two do go out, your partner might not be as open during the occasion as you’d like.

11. Social situations are filled with minimal effort on their part.

This means that if you both get invited to your friend’s party, your partner will show up, but keep a distance from those important to you—and everyone else. They will probably be quiet, speak when spoken to, but overall, not put in the effort required to get to know anyone, or spark conversation.

12. They keep you away from important people.

If they have friends or family members that they consider important, but keep you away from them, that’s a red flag. A loving partner will encourage you to meet these people, and spend time with them. They will rejoice at the thought of you befriending their friends. If this isn’t the case, and you’re kept away, something is wrong.

13. You have to ask for favors, or small things *gestures*.

You have to ask for a drink of water, let alone flowers, or all of those small things that add up to a big picture. It can be hot cocoa, it can be a cup of coffee, or maybe even just car keys. Maybe a kiss before work, or a phone call saying they’re on their way home. These are things that are taken for granted until they go missing. Then we notice their absence. If you’ve noticed the absence, your partner isn’t doing the small things anymore, and you may have a problem.

14. Physical touch isn’t the same anymore *not se.xually speaking, but cuddling, and general signs of affection*.

Simple touches are loving. A hand hold, a caress, a cuddle, and a peck on the lips all demonstrate affection. When these small gestures of love begin to fade, or seem to become mundane, and… lacking passion or love… you have your answer.

15. Loss of s.exual interest.

Sure, you might still be having s.ex, but is it mundane? Routine? Dwindling? When you suggest things, does your partner take it personally? More so, what do their porn habits look like?

16. Pretty, sweet words are rare to come by.

Saying “I love you,” is easy to do when it’s been done during the entire course of the relationship, but sometimes that’s all it is: three simple words that you’ve grown accustomed to saying. If your partner isn’t actively being sweet, commenting on something attractive about you as a person, or anything of the sort, then you might be stuck.

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17. Unreliable: classic situation of words, not actions.

They say they will do one thing, but usually do the opposite. Remember opposite day at school? Think along those lines for a minute. Honestly, can you expect the opposite of what they say at least a good 80% of the time?

Do you prepare for that outcome, just to be safe? A good example is this: does your partner constantly say they love spending time with you, but spend most of their free time with friends? Or say that they are in love with you, but treat you poorly and constantly scan the room for attractive would-be partners?

18. Plans together never leave the planning stage.

You have been talking about buying a house for three years now, but there’s no indication of it happening. You have been talking about taking a vacation to that one spot you both want to make memories in, but when you bring forth more information on it, your partner makes an excuse to stay home.

19. Growing apart.

If you’ve reached this part of the feature and seem to be heading toward a downward spiral,
then…you might be growing apart. In fact, chances are it’s already happened.

20. Happiness is a word that describes an emotion you simply don’t feel anymore.

This is the biggest test of all. You could be with the perfect person, but it all boils down to you. Are you happy with yourself? Do you have self-love? Without that, there’s no way to love the other person. Now, if you do have self-love, but aren’t happy, and it’s due to your relationship, then you need to leave.

If, by the end of the list, you realize that you are in a dead relationship, you have to understand one thing: there is nothing you can do. Two people in love will communicate, actively try to make each other happy, and focus on growing together, not apart.

Feel free to add your points as comments at the end of the post.

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